I believe in the American Dream; the belief that any man or women can create their own destiny through their own hard work and ingenuity. The American Dream has propelled our nation from a vast wilderness to the most prosperous nation the world has ever known.

But today the dream is in jeopardy.
It is our broken political system and self-serving politicians who have put the American Dream in jeopardy. More than ever before there is a disconnect between your goals and the public policy advance by politicians in Tallahassee. Your goal is to live the American Dream and their goal is to line the pockets of themselves and their special interest supporters.

Corporate welfare is at the heart of the problem.
Did you ever wonder why we spend billions on stadiums while schools go lacking? The answer is because these corporate welfare projects funnel money to special interests who support self-serving politicians.
The solution is to elect citizen candidates who put people ahead of special interests. I hope to be an example of a citizen candidate who can defeat the corrupt establishment. In return for your support;

I promise to always put your interests first.
I promise to never accept one penny of taxpayer money for myself in salary, benefits or pension.
I promise to oppose corporate welfare.

My record in serving the Citizens of Florida as a taxpayer advocate and as a Board Member of Workforce Florida has been consistent; I always put taxpayers first over special interests.
My platform is simple;

I pledge to work to lower your electric bills through energy deregulation.
I pledge to work to lower your health care costs by giving all healthcare practitioners in Florida economic immunity.
I pledge to lower your tolls by ending the automatic increases.

America is not broken, it is our political system. We need systemic change and vote out the self-serving politicians regardless of what party they come from. To accomplish this I need your support.
Please share your ideas with me on how to improve public policy.

Matthew Falconer
“Promise Keeper”
Political advertisement paid for and approved by Matthew Falconer, independent of party affiliation, for State Representative District 44.